Tip To Toe Beauty offers salon quality treatments with cruelty free products





Fully Insured

Cruelty Free

All the treatments offered are fully insured through BABTAC and all relevent certification has been acheived.
Tip To Toe has been offering salon quality treatments at home salon prices for over 9 years.
Where ever possible the products we use are both animal friendly and environmentally kind. 

Enjoy a relaxing treatment in my dedicated home beauty room. Then recreate your luxury experience for yourself with a range of professional products designed to help maximise the effectiveness of your treatment.

Lash & Brow Specialist

The importance of perfect lashes and brows has been at the forefront of many of our beauty regimes over recent years. Getting the right shaped brow for your face can completely change your look. 
I have dedicated my time to learning a wide range of techniques to help you acheive the most flattering look for you.

Do you want long hair NOW?

I am trained in multiple forms of hair extensions to give you lucious long locks without the need to wait years for your own hair to grow.
I also have available an amazing product that supports the growth of naturally long hair and nails, helping you to achieve that mermaid look in significantly less time. 
It Works

Botanically based products that work!

Lose weight with 1 Coffee a day!

Pure, Safe and Beneficial 

Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? Well we actually do more than just wraps. Find out more about our products that are animal friendly and do exactly what they claim to do.
Valentus offer 4 amazing products. Weight loss coffee, Weight loss pineapple drink, Immunity booster and an all natural Energy drink. 
Check them out at http://www.SlimRoastRetail.com/TipToToeBeauty
With amazing skincare, sumptuous make up and a wide range of dietary and fitness products Arbonne offers some of the best 100% Vegan products on the market.